Children We've Helped

Children We've Helped

"We would like to say thank you so much for your amazing generosity. The helping hand you provided for us has finally enabled us to give our children a secure home again. You have truly been a blessing to our family! I have included a photo of our cancer survivor, Nathan (9). Thank you again for everything!”

“Dear Carolyn,
Thanks you so very much for the financial assistance you sent on behalf of your child’s foundation. I’m deeply sorry for the heartache you have gone through and wish your family continued healing. We are currently in a desperate situation and don’t know what we would have done without your foundation’s help. Thank you so much- we don’t take this gift lightly, and we look forward to helping others in the future. ”

“Board of Directors, The Creston Walker Foundation -
Thank you so much for your kind and generous gift to Tucker and the rest of our family. It will be very helpful. Tucker is doing really well. He is a happy, energetic, wonderful boy. Thank you for reaching out and helping him and us.”

“Dear Creston Walker Foundation
I can’t express to you enough how much I appreciate this scholarship. It is going to help me out so much and I am truly grateful for it. Your foundation gives hope to people who have gone through so much. Thanks.”

“Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughtfulness during this difficult time in my life and helping me to feel better during my illness.”

“Dear Board of Directors,
I want to express a deeply, heartfelt thank you to all of you for the grant you approved for us. Between our insurance premium, medical bills, and daily expenses we haven’t been able to make ends meet. We weren’t sure where to turn, when your check came in the mail! I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the assistance! Throughout our daughter’s illness we have tried to be mindful of all the blessings in our lives and all that we have to be thankful for. As a family, we speak often of people’s kindness and generosity. We now have added Creston to our discussions! Thank you again!”

“Dear Creston Walker Foundation, Carolyn Walker and Family –
Thank you so much for your generous donation of $500 so our daughter, Grace, could begin vision therapy. We met Creston and Carolyn at Dr. Julie Zimbelman’s office when both Creston and Grace were enduring cancer treatment. Grace was just a year old then. She endured 2 years of treatment for her leukemia. She relapsed twice and as a last chance as a cure – a bone marrow transplant on Christmas Eve of 2003. She has been cancer see for 7 ½ years!  She is a miracle to be here but also lives with many long term affects because of her treatment.  Grace begins 5th grade next week, is 10 years old and is a lovely young lady.  We’ve enclosed the latest photo. Thank you and God Bless.”

“Dear Friends,
Thank you for selecting my 16 year old daughter Lindsay for the grant from your foundation! She is being treated for Rhabdomyosarcoma of the jaw with the highest of HOPES.  She also wants to become a pediatric nurse and care for cancer kids. God bless your kindness and know that you have truly helped us out! Take care!!”

“Creston J Walker Foundation,
Thank you so very much for the check in the amount of $750.00. We can’t begin to tell you how helpful the money is! It is truly a blessing!
This has definitely been a life changing event. However, our son, Cody, is very strong and handling the treatment well.  He has such a positive attitude. The money helps to take some of the financial pressure off so that we can focus on our son and his needs and happiness. Thank you so much!!”

“Dear Walker Foundation,
Thank you so much for Abby’s grant. It was such a wonderful and uplifting surprise after a long, difficult day!  We appreciate your help and hope to one day be able to repay the kindness.  You have touched out hearts. Please pray for her.  Thank you again.”




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