About Us

About Us

The Creston J. Walker Foundation is a Colorado non-profit organization whose goal is to provide educational and financial support for families of children with cancer. This foundation was founded as a living memorial to Creston Walker, an eighteen year old who lost his life to Osteosarcoma. Creston's dream was to become a pediatric oncology nurse. He never achieved his dream but his foundation is honoring his wishes by helping the cancer children he so loved.

There are many worthy organizations focused on finding a cure for cancer. Cancer knows no boundaries and does not respect age, race, social or economic status. Our goal is to help families from having to choose between day to day living expenses and the care of their child. In most cases, at least one parent has had to quit work or cut back in order to facilitate their child’s medical treatment.  We have chosen to share our love for cancer families by providing direct financial support to the family.  This is done through grants for: rent and mortgage payments; utility payments; grocery and gas cards; transportation repairs, and airline tickets.  We also have had the opportunity to award college scholarships for survivors to continue their education.

Each application for assistance is reviewed independently by the Board of Directors and a grant amount approved.  An applicant needs to have been diagnosed before their 18th birthday, be in active or post-treatment care, and present a need.  Applicants may resubmit applications every 6 months as long as the above conditions still exist.

This organization is run 100% by volunteers and 100% of the proceeds go towards the cause. Creston and his family are extremely grateful for what others have done for their family to help during their journey. Now, they want to return the favor by helping others.

Nothing can bring Creston back, but “Hand in Hand, we can make a difference”
  in the lives of others and their journey with cancer.



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